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Your Business Card Says a Lot About You

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Photo of a beautifully designed business card.

Check out this gallery of inspiring business card design. This embossed business card is extraordinarily elegant.

No one but no one talks about business cards or business card design these and certainly no one talks about business card etiquette on the web. So when we found this blog article entitled Business Card Elegance And Etiquette by Search Marketer Max Kalehoff we took note.

In a digital world comprised of social media, smart phones and augmented reality, business cards seem to be a relic of a bygone era. Not so, says Kalehoff, who argues that business cards, their design and the way we use them are just as important as ever.

In spite of the speed, convenience and other benefits of digital communications and platforms, we still prefer their physical counterparts. After all, would you rather have a friend that you chat with on Facebook or would you rather have a friend that you can chat with over a beer. Face-to-face relationships and social rituals are still paramount to life and business. Don’t believe me? Well ponder this fact: in spite of the ubiquity of Amazon and eBay, only 3 percent of retail transactions in the U.S. are conducted over the Internet. The fact is, we’d rather go to a brick and mortar store, fawn over books or clothes or toasters and make small talk with the cashier.

Business cards are important for this reason. We still prefer real, physical things and relationships to virtual ones. I don’t know about you but I am a bit suspicious of friendship requests on Facebook or LinkedIn from people I don’t know. I prefer a physical introduction and business cards can help with that.

Without spoiling the fun of reading the entry for yourself, we’ll summarize the main points:

1. The tactile experience is still important and so the material and surface of your business card matters a great deal. So buy quality paper that feels nice.

2. Have a beautiful and simple business card design. Hire a designer. Don’t be cheap. You wouldn’t scrimp on your business suit so don’t do it on your business card. They both reflect on you and your business.

3. Be minimal. We love this one. Use fewer words, not more on your business card. Have lots of white space. This is the best kept secret of designers and advertisers. Limiting ourselves is one of the hardest things to do since we have so much to offer. And yet, simplifying our message to the single most important thing that we want to say is critical to actually attracting attention and being heard. Communication is more effective the more simple and direct it is. The same goes for your business card design.

4. Carry a business card and make sure it’s tidy. Sage advice. Someone that has a polished business card readily available still makes a strong first impression in a digital word.

There are some more kernels of wisdom in the article and we recommend you check out this old school marketing advice from a  digital marketing pro.

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6 Responses to “Your Business Card Says a Lot About You”

  1. Sadly, people don’t tend to appreciate the benefits of a memorable business card and feel getting something done cheaply and generically is enough. We’ve had great feedback on ours, see the ‘Get in Touch’ section at http://www.gaspfour.com or look at OP’s business cards for that extra touch.

  2. Paige Flores says:

    i always make my own business card through adobe photoshop and ms word, they are satisfactorily made though*.’

  3. Keira James says:

    i love to make business cards at home, you can make a nice one by just using an inkjet printer~-,

  4. Andrzej says:

    Nice to read such articles.

  5. I enjoy making my own business cards at home because I can do some quick editing to change something that I want to be different, If I was to order my cards then whatever I had put on the card would be what I was stuck with.

  6. Monet says:

    puede ver un artedculo anterior que puede rtlesuar muy interesante: 79 Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Designs, donde muestra una buena coleccif3n de disef1os creativos de bellas tarjetas de visita de todo el

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